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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — When it comes to hailing a taxi, no one gets a free ride. However, one cab driver in the metro is spreading the holiday spirit, helping his regular passengers find Thanksgiving dinner.

While driving others around the metro, Kansas City Transportation Group driver Gregg Katz says you get to know others well. That includes his regular passengers, some of whom were planning to spend a lonely Thanksgiving without a meal.

Katz has been a driver for 10/10 Taxi, focusing on the Olathe area, for three years, giving rides to many of the same people each week.

“I realized many of them had no plans for thanksgiving. A number of them had no family in town. Some don’t have the means to have a Thanksgiving meal,” Katz told FOX 4 News.

That’s when Katz started driving his own effort to feed people, with his blue hatchback taxi decked out in festive frills, including a red reindeer nose and antlers. A post on Katz’s Facebook page makes record of his trip to the grocery store.

“Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn, rolls, and green beans,” Katz cataloged.

Katz and his finance will do the cooking and deliveries to 10 of his regular riders.

“It was the ones who said, ‘we’re just going to stay in’,” Katz recalled.  “I think two of them said they were just going to make TV dinners. That’s when it hit me we could do a little bit better.”

“I’ve heard about things Gregg has done for three years now,” Terry O’Toole, Vice-President of the Kansas City Transportation Group, said.

“He invests his money back into his clientele, his people and everything else. I can tell you, he’d do the same thing whether they were his customers or not. It’s in his DNA.”

Katz says he averages about 120 miles per day on the job. He says he wants to use this as an example to others that it doesn’t take much money or effort to go the extra mile.