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RAYTOWN, Mo. – At one school in the metro, appreciation comes in the form of stimulation.

Teachers are getting on-the-job massages, thanks to a generous parent, showing their respect to instructors on Teacher Appreciation Day.

They care for our kids in a hands-on way every day. Perhaps that’s why it’s suitable that teachers at Blue Ridge Elementary School in Raytown are being pampered, and being treated to a day of chair massages while they’re on the job.

Raytown School District leaders said a parent of a student at Blue Ridge won a contest, and donated free massages from Incorporate Massage to these staff members.

No one could be more relieved than Darsa Clay. She’s been the school’s lead librarian for 26 years, and she’s suffered back pain since falling off a horse as a young girl.

“It’s very nice as a chair massage. It’s wonderful,” Clay said.

When the opportunity for complimentary comfort came, Clay was one of the first to sign up.

“I needed it for my back,” Clay said. “Just the muscles. They’re really tight.”

The massages came for Teacher Appreciation Day, but the teachers were certainly appreciative themselves.

“They didn’t have to do this. This has been a wonderful thing for all of us who have the time to sign up,” Clay added.

The massage therapists point out the medical benefits of their craft. JaVae Collins loves her job. The licensed massage therapist said it’s fun to provide relief for the people who educate our kids.

“I could only imagine chasing children around any area for a period of time could do wonders on the lower back,” Collins said. “I would say teachers who do what they do definitely need this.”

Clay said she can’t begin to say the number of times she bends over each day, putting added stress on her back.

However, she’s glad to get this day of pampering and she laughs that the massage therapists should come back every day, just to be on the safe side.