Teacher’s World Series math lessons are a hit with students at metro elementary school

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- Think back to your days in school. If your teachers taught you using the Kansas City Royals, you might have paid more attention, right?

The Royals are now taking over a teacher's classroom in the Shawnee Mission School District.

"It`s probably keeping things interesting that it`s using a topic that I really like," said one student, Zoe Land .

"Sometimes math gets a little boring, but since that came along, math is more fun," added another student, Jackson Shearer.

Fourth graders at Apache Elementary School have been doing some World Series math this week, and their teacher, Katie Hearn, says they're taking this very seriously.

"They were using the word 'sports statistician' in language with each other," Hearn said.

Hearn is a huge baseball fan and is always looking for ways to make math real for her students to break away from the norm.

"I really wanted to bring it into the classroom, to let the students use math in a real world, applicable way," Hearn added.

And what better way than using the excitement of the Royals and the World Series?

"On Tuesday we started out by looking at the data from the Royals and the Mets post season games," said Hearn, "We graphed the number of runs that each team had, and then we used that data to predict who would win the World Series."

"I predicted the Royals would win the World Series because they had more runs per game than the Mets," Land said.

On Friday they were determining batting averages using real statistics, and making bar graphs that show the data.

"It makes my job as a teacher 10-times easier, because the students are engaged, and I know that they`re really learning," added Hearn, "And the data proved it... the Royals are ready to take the crown!"

Hearn says this teaching style has been such a hit -- she plans on using other sports teams in the future.



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