Tech N9ne tackles bullying in latest music video

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. —  The new hit song ‘Fragile’ by Kansas City rapper Tech N9ne was most recently listed #34 in the Top 40.

The video to that song was shot entirely in Kansas City and sends a powerful message about bullying.

“Music is a way to reach a lot of people and I thought this would be a wonderful way to address bullies,” Tech said.

Tech told FOX 4 about the experience that prompted him to write the song.

“It came about because somebody was picking on me from L.A. Weekly,” Tech told FOX 4’s Mark Alford. “After I did a show, somewhere in L.A., somebody said something that wasn’t true about my show. They thought I was lip-synching or something like that and I am totally 1000 when it comes to a live show. And it was like picking on me for no reason. So I wrote ‘Fragile’,” Tech explained.

Salena Browne and Matt Rood starred in the music video.

“My character is a new kid to a town who plays an instrument, ” said Matt Rood. “And the other kids bully him and don’t really understand. They tease him about the violin.”

“Some kids aren’t going to get the message immediately but if you talk about it they would get it,” said Browne.

“I think that the whole bullying thing, everybody knows is wrong,” Tech said.  “That’s a beautiful thing. People who show compassion for these people that are getting picked on.”

FOX 4 photojournalist Jon Haiduk talked to Tech about his latest project, which you can see in the video at the top of the page. Tech, Hood and Browne spoke about the video “Fragile” on Thursday’s morning show, which you can watch in the video below.



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