TECH REPORT: Students take a new, “Techy’ kind of field trip

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It’s a different kind of field trip.  While you and I remember going to the zoo, today’s students are heading to a place a bit more techy.  Rich DeMuro explains.

Class is in session.  Today’s lesson plan?

“We`re making a movie commercial for a scary movie,” said Mallory, a student.

It’s a special field trip.  While you might remember going to the zoo or planetarium.  Today, these kids trekked to the Apple store.  Every spring and fall, Apple stores across the country host local students to learn and play.

“Coming to the Apple Store gives these kids a chance to kind of try out new technology,” explained Jennifer Kennedy, a parent of one of the children.

It’s a break from the normal routine.

“Wait, it`s 10:36.  We would probably be doing writing. Math, writing, reading,” said some of the girl students.

Today, the kids are shooting and editing on an iPad.  Often, lessons complement what’s being taught in the classroom.

“If he decides to pursue technology or engineering or computer programming as a career, then at least he`s dipping his foot in it now at an early age,” Kennedy said about her son.

The best part of the field trip is when these kids see their projects on the big screen.  It’s a new twist on the excursions we all remember.

“It`s fun and, you know what?  We developed a user-generated culture now where people want to participate in stuff and show their work and their ideas,” said Karen North, another parent.



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