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LOS ANGELES (KTLA) -- It's pretty common to watch TV while we check out our Facebook feed on a mobile phone or tablet. Now there's an on-screen app that lets you do both without missing a second of your favorite shows.

We met up with newlyweds Charlie Nuwer and Sam Fowler. The two just got just got married and got back from a beautiful honeymoon in Fiji. When we got to their new apartment, they hadn't even unpacked the boxes - but they did setup TV and internet service from our friends at AT&T U-verse.

Nuwer explained the choice: "they let me bundle it with my cell phone, which is really nice".

In addition to getting a DVR and high speed internet, Nuwer also discovered Facebook is now on his big screen!

"It's great!," Nuwer exclaimed.

The U-verse Facebook app lets you see what your friends are up to, browse photos and even instantly share the show you are watching in a click.

"If you're watching "honey boo boo" or something like that they're gonna see that and say something funny to you," Nuwer joked.

My favorite part - instead of checking your friend's status updates on your cell phone all you have to do is look at the bottom on your TV screen.

The Nuwer's Fiji Honeymoon pictures looked like they were right out of a postcard.

"Yeah, you can see her face down at the bottom there" commented Nuwer.

The couple was sure to include their faces in some of the pictures so their friends knew it was for real.

A smart couple, even smarter since they can stay up to date with their friends thanks to Facebook on their TV screen.

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To learn more about the U-verse Facebook app, go here.



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