Here’s how to activate iPhone’s new web ad blocking feature

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You may never have to look at an ad on the iPhone ever again.

Update: The developer of the top-selling iOS ad blocker has pulled it from the App Store because it "just doesn't feel good."

iOS 9 is now available for iPhone and iPad users. This update brings a lot of small changes, but one of the most popular seems to be how it can allow you to block ads on as you surf the web on Safari.

Keep in mind - ad blocking isn't "baked in" to iOS 9 - you have to download a helper app and activate that app to turn on the feature.

Apple refers to the feature as "content blockers" and these apps are already topping the charts of the App Store.

Peace, Purify and Crystal are three top picks and range in price from $1 - $4. Once you download the app, you have to go into Settings > Safari > Content Blockers to turn it on.

We talked to Damon Beres of The Huffington Post and he says that "web ads aren't just a crucial part of business online, they essentially are business online. They represent billions upon billions of dollars in spending and revenue every single year."

Many of these apps have the ability to block trackers as well. This means that advertising companies can no longer collect information about you as you surf the web.

A side benefit of all this - your surfing speed might seem faster and you might use less data. This is great if you are on a limited data plan.

As you might expect, Google doesn't offer similar plug-ins for its Chrome browser on Android, but if you want an ad free surfing experience on that platform, check out Adblock Browser.

Download links:
Peace, (no longer available)
Purify, $4
Crystal, $1

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