Hot Tablets for the Holidays

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There are so many tablets to choose from this holiday season, so we're helping you pick out the one thats just right. I headed to Best Buy to sort through your options and explain what makes each tablet different.

I can guarantee you that 95% of these people walking through those doors are looking for a tablet for the holidays. There are so many to choose from, which one do you get? Let’s find out.

So are a lot of people looking for tablets here?

“Of course tablets are amazing Christmas gifts and there are so many to choose from. iPads are obviously terrific for productivity with 10 hour battery life,” Best Buy representative Jessica Harris said.

If only we have an expert from a website say, to help us sort through all of these options. Luckily I ran into Barb Dybwald and she was able to help.

This Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 has many unique aspects.

If you’re not an Apple fan and you’re not into that whole iPad universe, this is running the Android operating system, which works best for Gmail, Google calendar, Google documents.

This HTC Flyer looks cute, but comes with a stylus which you have to buy separately, which can add more to the price.

At about $250, the Acer Iconia seems decent but what does it do better than the Kindle Fire for $60 more? The one thing that it does have that the Kindle Fire doesn’t is access to the full Android market.

Sony Tablet S costs about the same as Apple’s iPad. You get access to the Play Station store, you also have DLNA support which is a wireless standard so you can stream your media to your smart T.V. Bottom line if your kid plays a lot of PS3 or you if you like PlayStation, this is the one to get.

This is the Toshiba Thrive and here’s something you don’t see everyday on a tablet-- full ports, a USB and the full HMDI not even a micro.

This also has something almost no other tablet has which is a replaceable battery. But remember it’s going to be a lot chunkier to accommodate those ports.

So here’s the other one, the Kindle Fire which was recently released. This is extremely low cost, it’s undercutting most of the other tablets in the market. You’ve got an app ecosystem and you have access to all of Amazon’s media so you’ve got music, movies, magazines, and books.

Pretty much there are no physical buttons except for the power button, so if you want to adjust the volume you have to go into the software settings. And you’re really beholden to Amazon because you have to get the apps that they approve.

You’re definitely not going to be bored you’re going to have a lot of options to choose from with this tablet.

Bottom line, there are a lot of tablets out there that do a lot of different things. You need to find the one that fits your needs best. If you want to learn more about all the tablets we talked about, head to our website or you can check out, or head to my tumblr,

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