New Generation of Bluetooth Watches Connects with Smartphones

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LOS ANGELES (KTLA) — The watch may be becoming a thing of the past. Most people check the time on my smartphone before checking their watch. But a new breed of interactive watches might change that.

This new generation of Bluetooth watches lets you connect and control your smartphone right from your wrist. You can even talk to Siri and check the weather.

“You can make and receive calls, you can make and receive texts and you can do all android and Siri voice commands right from your wrist,” said Stan Kinsey of Martian Watches.

Products like the Martian Watch use to be science fiction fantasy, however now through a website called Kickstarter, these ideas are being brought to life.

Kickstarter allows regular people to support new innovative ideas with cold hard cash. And, if enough people pledge, the project gets started. But, if the project doesn’t meet its goal, no one has to pay.

Popular projects such as Pebble have gotten their start on Kickstarter and have raised over 10 million dollars from everyday people believing in the idea. Kickstarter has been able to transform the ideas of today into reality tomorrow.

Kinsey says while the Martian watch does not replace your phone, it does make your phone a lot easier to use.

“It’s like a head piece that also allows you to talk and get notifications as to who’s calling,” Kinsey said. “Caller ID right on your wrist.”



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