Robots: Coming soon to a classroom near you

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LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Engineering students are building robots that can make like better and easier.  Rich DeMuro explains in the Tech Report.

From teaching kids to helping the elderly, universities across the country are working on robots that can improve our quality of life.

"Uh oh, my tummy feels all bubbly and weird. Maybe soda isn`t the best idea," said the robot known as Chili the Dragonbot.

The University of Southern California Center for Robotics and Embedded Systems recently celebrated National Robotics Week, showing off it's latest creations.

"This is Chili the dragonbot and we`re using Chili to help kids made healthy food choices," said Katelyn Swift-Spong, a student. So the idea is that Chili is training for the big dragon race and the kids are actually picking out foods for Chili to eat while it`s training."

While not yet a part of everyday life, chances are they will be in the future.

"These are human user interaction robots and they are good for teaching kids how to interact with different robots," another engineering student explained.  "The robots will react to different human emotions and human touches, so they are good with kids and they are an easy way to teach robotics."

Engineers see robots as having a big impact on our aging population,

"This is Bandit.  He was designed to help them do their daily physical exercise," said Stephanie Kemna, another student.

The Eco Mapper will help marine biologists study the sea.

"This is an autonomous underwater vehicle. Basically, we program it such that we can give it a mission and it can do it totally on its own,"  Kemna said.



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