Tech Report: Hot Crowdfunded Tech Gadgets

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February 07 2021 05:30 pm
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A look at what’s hot in crowdfunded tech projects

Crowdfunding has become a popular way to get new product ideas into the marketplace like thePebble smartwatch.


So we’re taking a look at what new projects are getting a lot of love lately.

The Hug (GOAL $34,000 / RAISED $19,000)

The Hug is a sensor you clip to your water bottle to help keep track of how much water you drink. It has bluetooth so it sends data about your drinking habits to your phone. Plus it interacts with fitness bands, which means you’ll get reminders to hydrate more if you’ve been working out.

Sense (GOAL $100,000 / RAISED $1.9 MILLION)

Sense comes in two parts: a brain that sits next to your bed and a so-called “sleep pill” that clips to your pillow. Together they monitor how you sleep by collecting data like noise, light, temperature and humidity to give you a sleep score! If you get a bad night’s sleep, you can go back and see why to make adjustments.

StreetSmart SmartWallet (GOAL $35,000 / RAISED $12,000)

The SmartWallet does much more than just hold your cash. It’s a billfold that packs bluetooth, GPS for tracking, and a battery to charge your phone. The SmartWallet even sends you alerts if you leave it behind so you’ll always know where your cash is.




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