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Many of us don’t recycle our old electronics because we don’t know how. However, it’s very important that you clean out your hard drive before you get rid of your old computer.

Best Buy offers free recycling and may even give you a gift card for your device, depending on its current value.

Find out more about Best Buy Recycling on their website.

Rich’s Notes:

Best Buy and other recyclers say they will erase the personal information stored on your gadgets, but why leave all of that data exposed to risk? I say the one thing you need to be sure to do is wipe the internal storage clean before you bring it in for recycling – whether it’s a phone, computer or tablet. Phones and tablets are easy, but computers can get kind of complicated, so its best to enlist the help of a techie friend. Here are some step by steps to help you out. Also, in the case of smartphones, be sure to remove your SIM card and any memory card from your phone before turning it over. Finally, be sure all of your information is BACKED UP before you attempt any of this.

Android Phones

iOS Devices, like iPhones and iPads

Windows Phones

Windows Computers – Windows 8 (easy!) Earlier Windows (not so much)

Mac Computers

There is a free program called DBAN that can help you erase your Mac or Windows computer, but it requires some advanced knowledge.