Too Many Baby Pictures on Facebook? Replace Them with Cats (or Something Else)


Prince in his most natural position.

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Babies are cute. But pictures of babies on Facebook? Parents can go a little overboard. Well now, (get excited childless people) there’s an extension that will turn baby pictures into something more awesome — like cats.

Not a fan of cats? No worries. Users can customize the default settings to grab any image-based RSS feed. Are you a fan of National Geographic? Use their RSS feed. Prefer NASA? They have an RSS feed too. Or check out this list of other feeds.

The extension, dubbed Unbaby.Me, works with Chrome. Within the first 30 minutes of launching on Wednesday, it received 2,000 Likes, according to Mashable — proving there was a “problem.”

“We just wanted to bring the obvious baby problem to light,” creator Chris Baker told Mashable. “A chrome extension seemed like the perfect way to do it.”

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