Techy Tool Uses Your Eye for Passwords, Could Replace Photo IDs

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- A company called Eye Verify is working to make photo IDs a thing of the past.

CEO Toby Rush says the technology could be just a year away from being on all smart phones.  All users would have to do is take a picture of their eye with their cell phone. That picture would then turn into a virtual key to open all kinds of doors.

"There's over 400 points of interest in one section of the white of your eye," said Rush.

He added that each eye print is far more accurate than a fingerprint. Eye Verify would eliminate the need for computer passwords and it would be impossible for thieves to steal.

"They can't steal your eye, so the idea is that only you have your own biometric," he said. "You can't lose it, it can't be stolen, it can't be lost, can't be forgotten. It's always with you."

The applications for Eye Verify are endless. Rush says you could use your computer tablet to access sensitive files at work or check your bank account on your phone. Eye Verify could eliminate the need for photo IDs at the airport and offer a more secure option than keypads to gain entry at work sites.

Rush's favorite application is for voters on Election Day.

"Being able to vote from the convenience of my house, I can already send in a mail-in ballot, why not verify biometrically here and simply vote?" he said.

The cost for individual consumers may be nothing.  Eye Verify hopes cell phone companies will pay a fee to install the technology on all cell phones



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