SMITHVILLE, Mo. — A teenager is in custody after multiple stolen vehicles were recovered across multiple cities in Clay County.

Just before 8 p.m. Saturday, May 28, Clay County deputies responded to a home near North Eastern Avenue and Windsor Road after a resident reported his Buick had been stolen and a Toyota Camry was in his driveway that he’d never seen before.

Deputies discovered the Camry had recently been stolen from a business parking lot on Church Road in Kansas City. They recovered evidence from the Camry and contacted the owner.

Smithville police then reported that they had located the stolen Buick at a convenience store in Smithville.

The driver had attempted to steal another vehicle there, but the vehicle’s owner came out and chased the suspect off. The suspect ran on foot.

The vehicle’s owner gave a good description of the suspect, which was further corroborated by the store’s surveillance video.

Deputies searched the area for the 17-year-old suspect and found him. He appeared to be intoxicated. The suspect had taken off the hat and hoodie he was wearing at the convenience store, but deputies later found them in his backpack. They also found three bottles of liquor and apparent marijuana.

After a struggle, deputies and Smithville Police got the teen into custody, and deputies transported him to the Clay County Juvenile Detention Center.

The Buick was returned to its owner.