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PALM BEACH, Fla. – A Florida teen pretended to be a doctor inside of a medical facility according to police and made his way into an exam room with a patient.

The teen posed as a doctor at the Saint Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach, according to WSVN.

According to police, the teen wore a white coat with the hospital’s logo and “anesthesiology” embroidered on the front. He even wore a stethoscope around his neck.

The teen was busted when Dr. Sebastian Kent, the real OB/GYN, became suspicious after being inside the exam room with the impostor and a patient. Kent called security, who then contacted police.

Doctors and nurses weren’t the only ones the teen had fooled. Hospital security told police the teen was recognized a real doctor around the hospital.

“Multiple people have seen [the fake doctor] walking around the hospital for approximately one month pretending to be a doctor,” the police report said. “Surveillance video inside SMMC shows [the fake doctor] walking around hospital wings, but never entering any rooms or seeing any patients.”

Police reported that the boy’s mother told officers her son has a medical condition that he had not been taking medication for.

Police and the hospital have decided not to press charges against the teen.

The hospital has released a statement that said:

“The individual never had contact with any hospital patients and did not gain access to any patient care areas of the hospital at any time. The hospital immediately notified local authorities, who took the individual into custody, and we are cooperating with their ongoing investigation.”

The impostor’s name has not been released because he is 17 years old.