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MERRIAM, Kan. — It’s a case of mistaken identity that could have ended a lot differently for a Merriam, Kan., teen.

Someone called 911 Friday morning and reported three men were wearing camouflage –and armed with rifles —  and jumped out of a car and began to run around a home.

When Merriam police showed up, officers were confronted by two people carrying rifles. That’s when one teen pointed the gun at an officer.

Thankfully, the officer noticed a small amount of orange paint on the barrel of the rifle and decided to tell the teen to “drop the gun.” He complied and was taken into custody.

However, when police picked up the rifle they quickly noticed it was an “Airsoft” gun — a non-lethal weapon that shoots pellets by compressed air.

The teens said they were practicing for an Airsoft game later in the day and thought the officers were another team.

No charges were filed, police said.