HARRISONVILLE, Mo. — A Harrisonville police officer is out of the hospital and recovering after a student allegedly attacked him during the high school’s prom.

The teenager who allegedly attacked the officer, and a member of the Harrisonville School District is in custody awaiting charges, according to the police department.

Officers responded to the Beck Event Space near West Wall Street and South Independence Street around 9:15 p.m. Saturday. Harrisonville High School held prom at the venue.

Investigators said they arrested the teenager after he hit the police officer several times in the face.

According to Harrisonville Police, the teenager tried to take a backpack into the dance, which is against the rules. A district employee allowed the student to leave the bag at the entrance.

At one point the teenager returned and took a ski mask out of the bag. The officer asked the teenager to remove it.

The officer said the teenager began arguing with him and refused to comply. The two walked outside and that is when investigators said the assault took place.