Teenager charged with assault for allegedly pointing AK-47 at police officer

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Jackson County prosecutors charged an 18-year-old man with assault on a law enforcement officer because they say the man pointed an AK-47 at officers.

According to court records, early Sunday morning, Aug. 14, Kansas City police officers were in the area of 28th and Smart when they observed a Toyota Camry speeding by their location. Then they heard a crash. Police officers responded on foot to the location of the crash. They saw two vehicles, including the one that had just sped by, involved in an accident. The defendant, they were notified, was leaving the scene. When one officer said he got close to Antolin, the officers says he saw the barrel of a rifle showing.

He ordered him to drop the weapon. The officer said he heard Antolin “rack” or chamber a round in the rifle. The officer ducked, scraping his hands.

Police say Antolin began running, and the officer pursued on foot. Another officer stated he yelled “gun” when he observed Antolin exit the vehicle with an AK at his side. Another officer said he heard Antolin drop the gun.

A rifle was located in front of a home on Garner. It had 14 live rounds of ammunition and a second magazine with 29 rounds of ammunition. A civilian in the area said he saw the suspect raise the rifle and aim it at the red car, where the first officer was located. Then he saw the suspect throw down the rifle and run away, officers chasing.

Prosecutors requested a bond of $50,000.



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