Teens Trade Beds for Cardboard Boxes

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OLATHE, Kan. — A group of Olathe teens traded their warm beds for cardboard boxes on Friday night. They’re raising awareness about homelessness in the metro.

The teens from First Presbyterian Church of Olathe went to extremes.

“We slept under a tarp,” said Stephen McCoy. “You can see the sleeping bags, pillows and things like that.”

They were tired and hungry on Saturday morning because for 30 hours, the teens didn’t eat. They also gave up electronics. They wanted to feel what it’s like to be homeless.

“I feel bad for them because I have a home and don’t feel their pain everyday,” said participant Robyn Freund.

Friday night’s storm meant there was only a layer of plastic covered cardboard or a thin tarp between the teens and the elements.

There are almost 4,000 homeless children in the metro. They don’t sleep in tents are cardboard boxes.

“They are counting kids that are couch surfing or going to relatives. Not all of them are on the streets but they are homeless…so that’s where the numbers come from,” said Jeremy Brenneman with Kids TLC.

The numbers show there are an estimated 600 homeless kids just in Olathe.

“We  have some kids in the youth group here who either have been homeless or are doing some couch surfing now,” said Peter Perme with First Pres. Church of Olathe.  “It strikes close to our hearts here at Olathe Presbyterian.”

The kids who took part on Friday say the night forever changed their lives. To learn more about Kids TLC click here.

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