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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Two and a half weeks later, one of the victims of the Tequila KC shooting in KCK is a step closer to recovery. All thanks to family, friends, and FOX4 viewers.

Rebecca Mendez said she and her dad have a special bond.

“My dad is all I have,” Mendez said. “He takes care of my kids. He’s a kind-hearted person. He helps anybody when he can. I hate that he’s going through this, but we’ll get through it.”

On Oct. 6, Lara was shot in the shoulder when a gunman opened fire inside Tequila KC. That night a total of nine people were shot and four died from their injuries.

While he was being treated, doctors discovered a tumor on one of Lara’s kidneys.

Friends, family, and FOX4 viewers pitched into his Gofundme to pay for Lara to get an MRI.

“It was something that was lifted off of me,” Mendez said. “Everything that’s been going on. And I’m pretty sure it, you know — with all that’s going on with my dad, as well, it’s just something less that we have to worry about.”

She said Truman Medical Center told her about a program called MDsave. Mendez said it’s like a Groupon for medical procedures. They were able to get the MRI for less than half price.

“Please, please, please, keep praying for him,” Mendez said. “If you can’t donate anything, that is perfectly fine. I just want my dad to come out of this OK.”

She said the whole family is so glad he’s going to be alright, but they know they are lucky.

“Him being shot helped us find this tumor. But other people lost their lives, so it’s not a good thing this happened,” Mendez said. “With prayers and just people checking up on him, he’ll get through this. I know he will.”

While they focus on Lara’s recovery, one of the men accused of shooting him, Hugo Villanueva-Morales, is still on the run.

“It’s not right,” Mendez said. “It’s not fair. He needs to turn himself in. You took four lives, innocent lives. Just people out there having good time and expecting go home to their families, and now they can’t.”

Mendez said her father’s procedure will be covered by the insurance he does have, but once he’s released from the hospital he will still be faced with paying for prescriptions out of pocket.

If you would like to help the Lara family during this time, his Gofundme page is still active and you can find more information here.