Texts from Walmart cause paranoid man to confess to cold case murder

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matthew gibsonBOONE, N.C. — A North Carolina man admitted to murder after receiving text messages from Walmart that made him think someone knew his gruesome secret.

MyFox8 reports that after receiving text messages from Walmart about a woman’s prescription, Matthew Gibson thought someone put “a contract on his head” because he had killed a woman in 1997 in Arizona.

Gibson then drove to Arizona to met with a detective and confessed to killing the woman he met in Bullhead City. Gibson told investigators he met the woman and they went back to his trailer where she became loud and obnoxious. Gibson said when she refused to leave he bludgeoned her to death using a Maglite flashlight. He then dumped her body in the Colorado River.

Gibson said he did not know the woman’s name. When he received a text message from Walmart saying a prescription for an Anita Townsend was ready, Gibson began to think someone was on to him. Turns out, the woman he killed was not Anita Townsend but Barbara Brown Agnew.

Detectives said without Gibson’s confession they wouldn’t have had a case against him.

Gibson wanted to plead guilty to manslaughter and begin his 10-year sentence immediately.


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