‘Thank you for NOT taking me to jail.’ Girl writes apology note to police after calling 911

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Apology noteSTREETSBORO, Ohio — Kids say the darndest things. Especially when they think the law’s after them.

A young Ohio girl wrote an apology letter to her police department after she accidentally dialed 911 from a disconnected cellphone.

The Streetsboro, Ohio, Police Department posted the letter on its Facebook page.

Written in blue marker, the note read: “Dear Officer, I’m really sorry I called you for no reason. Thank you for NOT taking me to jail. I’m really sorry and WON’T EVER DO IT AGAIN I PROMISE.”

Along with the letter, police posted a warning to parents. The statement from police read in part:

“We appreciate the letter and thought we would take the time to tell you that cell phones, even without service or minutes, will still make calls to 911. Parents, please be aware of this, in the event you let your child play with your old phone.”



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