Thankful for girl’s health, Missouri family turns in tabs to raise money for Ronald McDonald House


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Small things add up to large accomplishments.

Those aluminum tabs on canned drinks have proven to generate money for worthy causes, and one thankful family is using them to give back to the Ronald McDonald House of Kansas City.

Happy times are getting more common for the McBee family from Caldwell County, Missouri.

Sami McBee, a mother of three, including 6-year-old Saige, said she has the Ronald McDonald House, among others, to thank for her little girl’s health.

The McBees have collected 625 pounds of metal soda can tabs, and on Monday afternoon, they delivered several large sacks of them to the Ronald McDonald House. Leaders there will recycle the can tabs for money, and use that cash toward programs that will benefit families of sick children.

“We just wanted a way to honor (Saige) and give back,” Sami McBee said.

Soda tabs for Ronald McDonald House
Soda tabs for Ronald McDonald House

When Saige McBee was born in 2015, she was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition that caused a cleft palate as well as other birth defects. Saige is doing better, thanks to 26 surgeries she’s endured, and the McBees stayed at the Ronald McDonald House while she had her procedures.

“For all that she’s gone through, they never anticipated for her to do this well. We’re very proud of her,” Sami McBee said. “We just wanted to pay back what the Ronald McDonald House had given us.”

 This isn’t the first time the McBees have donated pop tabs by the gazillions. Each time they drive these tiny aluminum pieces to the Ronald McDonald House, it generates money from recycling. That’s their means of giving back the kindness they’ve received.

“The hospital was overcrowded. They were doubling-up rooms. Mothers were stressed trying to take care of their children. It just gave them a chance to get away and get some sleep,” Shane McBee, Saige’s father, said.

“We’re a whole family kind of place. We take care of the whole family and we love when whole families come together to support our work,” Tami Greenberg, Ronald McDonald House CEO, said.

Leaders at the Ronald McDonald House said they’re also looking forward to next Thursday’s Earth Day observance. That’s when a number of metro schools will add to the growing collection of can tabs at the non-profit’s facility.

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