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AVONDALE, Mo. — Shocking surveillance video shows the moment a local store owner had a gun pointed at her head.

Pam Overstreet, owner of Pam’s One Stop Bottle Shop, said the attempted armed robbery happened Wednesday morning, 20 minutes after the store opened.

“He definitely was so young looking. All I kept thinking about was my kid. He looks like a little kid. I was not scared at all,” she said.

Overstreet said when the suspect came in, she knew something was not right. She said he purchased chips and a soda but didn’t leave.

Instead, he pointed a gun at her, demanding money.

“Very politely, he stepped back and was like, ‘Yeah, one more thing,’ and pulls out his gun. ‘Empty the register please,’” Overstreet said. “Please! Who says please? Are we going to get a thank you afterwards? I instantly was like, ‘Are you kidding? Are you serious? That’s not happening.’”

Overstreet said the suspect didn’t get away easily.

“If my son had not walked through that door, I think the situation would have been completely different, but he did, and momma-mode kicked in,” she said. “He’s lucky he’s a fast runner.”

Overstreet said after a short chase, the suspect did get away, but not with anything from the store. She said she acted spontaneously, but doesn’t recommend anyone react how she did.

“We do not have the world’s smartest criminals here,” Overstreet said. “He gets an F. I’m sorry, He gets an F. That was not very good at all.”

The Clay County Sheriff’s Office is investigating. If you have any information, call the TIPS Hotline at 816-474-8477 or the Clay County Sheriff’s Office at 816-407-3723.