The best Black Friday deals

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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — Research shows while shoppers save a ton of money on certain items on Black Friday, they actually spend more money on other items.

WalletHub compared every retailer’s Black Friday deals to determine which stores will have the best deals.

Turns out, shoppers will save the most money at JCPenney this Black Friday with an average discount of about 68-percent.

Kohl’s was next on the list, with an average savings of 67 percent.

While Target, Walmart and Toys R Us have some great Black Friday deals, shoppers will save less money overall at these stores.

So are the discounted prices worth the wait? For some items, yes. On others, not so much.

For instance WalletHub found if you need a table and chairs, you can get a great deal at Kmart and save close to $400 on the Jaclyn Smith collection. But if you buy your son or daughter an E100 Glow Scooter, it’ll cost you $12 dollars more than if you had bought it earlier this year.

WalletHub also found that the items you’ll save the most on this Black Friday are books, movies and music.

Store                   Avg. Discount

JCPenney                68%

Kohl’s                         66.7%

Target                        37.3%

Wal-mart                  30.1%

Toys R Us                  28.9%

Source: WalletHub

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