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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — A six-year-old Sporting KC fan got the chance of a lifetime tonight to lead her beloved team in the chant, “I believe that we will win!” For her and her family the chant has special meaning.

“That’s been our rallying cry also for the past three years,” her father Cory Van Sickle said.

Kit has spent the past three years battling leukemia. She first met Sporting KC defender Kevin Ellis at a calendar shoot in 2014. But for Ellis it was more than just a photo.

“She’s the strongest little girl I’ve ever met, to be honest she changed my life, she brought everything in my life into perspective,” Ellis said after Sporting KC’s 1-1 draw with Portland Timbers.

Ellis joined the Van Sickle family as Kit went through treatment.

“Just having that support at that right time just meant the world to us,” Van Sickle said.

And when he scored he first ever MLS goal, Ellis revealed to the world the #GoKitGo shirt he wore under his jersey. Now it’s Kit and all her fans who have reason to celebrate.

“About two weeks ago we crossed the finish line on that, she took her last dose of chemotherapy in front of all our family and friends,” Van Sickle said.

“I couldn’t be more excited and more happy for her family, all they’ve done and they’ve been through, nobody is more deserving,” Ellis said.

“We’ve had a lot of incredible experiences, but I think that by far was the most amazing thing ever, just to hear the support of 18,000 people saying, ‘Go, Kit Go!'”