‘The chance to see the future’: Hyperloop test pod on display in Kansas City this Saturday

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Your chance to catch a glimpse at the future of mass transportation is now here.

A piece of the first ever Hyperloop pod, called XP-1, is here in Kansas City on a cross-country tour.

“You’re going to get the chance to see the future,” KC Tech Council President Ryan Weber said.

It just pulled into the Kansas Speedway during the American Royal’s World Series of Barbecue and will be on display Saturday. The historic vehicle will be on display starting at 11 a.m. Get your tickets here.

Weber understands seeing is sometimes believing, especially when it looks like something out of a sci-fi movie.

“Hopefully, by seeing this technology in real life more and more, believers are going to come online that this is going to happen — and it is,” Weber said. “It is going to happen, and it’s going to happen in Kansas City.”

Virigin Hyperloop One Ceo Jay Walder said KC is a front-runner for the futuristic mode of transportation linking Kansas City to St. Louis in just 30 minutes.

“At full scale, this can really move people and goods across this country much more quickly and much more predictively,” Weber said.

The Hyperloop pod has an electric engine that’s propelled by magnets, which levitates the cabinet. Walder said you’ll be able to glide holding a cup of coffee at 600 mph.

“Also, I think we get excited about next-day delivery of goods. Imagine next-hour delivery,” Weber said. “And this is where our minds need to start thinking about the future when systems like this start coming online that’s the world that we’ll be living in.”

Although the Missouri Hyperloop isn’t off the ground just yet, the $7-$10 billion project could be in operation in 7-10 years.

“It will really change the way that we travel across this country,” Weber said.



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