The Chiefs signed Tyreek Hill, but their roster could look different in the future

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Tyreek Hill has signed a new contract with the Chiefs.

The extension retains Hill at $54 million for the next three years, according to a tweet from NFL insider Ian Rapoport. This puts the wide receiver among the highest paid for his position.

General Manager Brett Veach said his contract’s contingent upon the conditions Hill agreed to upon his return to the team in July after an offseason marred by controversy.

So is it win now for the Chiefs? Not necessarily, but Chiefs fans certainly hope it’s win soon.

“I don’t say this has to be the year, but it’s going to be the year, with us signing LeSean McCoy to a one-year deal, signing Tyreek Hill to an extension,” fan Alex Lozano said.

“I think with all the signings we’ve done this season it’s Super Bowl or bust for us,” fan Sydney Dollar said.

Sean Levine, a host at 610 Sports Radio, said Hill’s signing could make it tough to resign players like Chris Jones or Sammy Watkins when the time comes and stay under the cap.

But there’s no way the Chiefs let Patrick Mahomes walk three years from now.

“They are going to pay Patrick Mahomes pretty much whatever he asks. The Chiefs are going to back a Brinks truck up to his house, and they are going to make sure that he gets that amount of money,” Levine said.

“How can you not like all that speed on offense? They’ve got a daunting offense,” fan Chris Ungar said.

“We got a young team, and I say go for it. I would take every team every game with reckless abandon. Go after it. Seize the moment,” fan Richard Combs said.

Mahomes and Hill are set to make about $5 million combined this year on their rookie deals. Three years from now their combined salaries would likely be well over $50 million.

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