KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The last week, Chiefs Kingdom combined forces with Swifties across the nation to celebrate what appears to be a new, and very popular, couple.

Pop fans are learning about football and at least some Chiefs fans are figuring out which Era is their favorite after all.

There are tangible changes too.

Kelce’s Instagram account picked up about 400,000 followers and his jersey sales saw a 400% increase, according to Associated Press and Kelce Brothers Podcast, New Heights, is tweeting out Swift Lyrics.

It’s why people who study branding and sports marketing actually think the pairing makes a lot of sense and can be really powerful.

“They, in a weird way, kind of seem like a match,” said KU’s Chris Etheridge. “They’re both really savvy about their business they kind of seem like they’re always thinking ahead, and it seems like they have a lot in common in that sense.”

What helps, Etheridge says, is they both have cultivated a lot of goodwill with fans. Kelce’s New Heights podcast, which FOX4 profiled before the Super Bowl, shows Kelce is already thinking about growing his brand for when his playing days are over and that he’s good at showing his authentic self.

It meets an excited world of Swift fans who are instantly curious about the new item.

“Taylor Swift is going to bring attention wherever she goes and she’s going to bring a group of followers wherever she goes,” Etheridge said.

The first podcast after Swift watched Kelce play at Arrowhead, where Kelce briefly talked about it before asking for privacy, got two million views in two days on YouTube and became the 6th most watched video on the channel.

“There’s a lot of people who are out there trying to learn a lot about Travis Kelce in a very short period of time,” Etheridge said. “I think one of the things they’re going to find is he does a lot of work in the community, that he puts a lot of donations into the community, that he’s smart and savvy and a really interesting guy to get to know.”