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New in video stores and available for digital download on Tuesday, January 1st, “Looper.”

“Looper” is the coolest and most original movie in years.

Time travel movies always have plot holes, but the smart, intriguing and well-made sci-fi flick “Looper,” fills those holes with clever details and artistic touches that make it a satisfying futuristic thriller. Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays a hit man who works for mobsters from the future. They send their victims back in time to be eliminated and disposed of. Things get tricky when Joseph’s future self, played by Bruce Willis, gets sent back for execution. It’s best not to think to deeply about it, but while you’re watching, “Looper” is a decadent but suspenseful thriller.

Yes, 99 percent of time travel movies don’t work. They always get tripped up on the concept. But “Looper” works like a ‘mother.’ It’s most original movie I’ve seen saw far this year.Looper is brand new sneaker fresh. It’s very well written and solidly acted. “Looper” felt cool like the first time I saw “Terminator” and “The Matrix.” Mesmerizing, smart and gangsta.  It’s an instant classic that will have you saying ‘whoa’. Extras include commentary with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Emily Blunt and the director. Deleted Scenes, Commentary by Director Rian Johnson, a Looper Animated Trailer, a Scoring Looper feature and an Evil Demon Golf Ball From Hell Easter egg. The Blu-ray release will also include a Science of Time Travel featurette.

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