‘The Healing Chair’ provides comfort and support to breast cancer patients

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GARDNER, Kan. -- Something magical is happening with some chairs in the metro. The chairs are giving women comfort and support when they need it most.

The chair fits in Ashley Gorney's living room.

"It does, yes. It's not some huge medical contraption or anything. It's a really nice-looking chair," said Gorney.

It's helping with healing in the days since Gorney had a double mastectomy for breast cancer at age 35. The chair is sort of like the hugs that come with it.

Amy Taitt, a nurse, along with Janette Slusher and Marcia Moroney, both breast cancer survivors, started The Healing Chair last fall. It's a non-profit organization that loans reclining lift chairs to mastectomy patients.

"Everybody's response has been awesome. We've had moms of the patients that have called in tears. We've had husbands calling thanking us," said Taitt.

The Healing Chair has some very practical purposes.

"I've been sleeping it it 'cause like I was saying, I'm just a stomach sleeper. This is keeping me from rolling and waking up in pain," said Gorney.

And she doesn't have to put pressure on her chest when she rises.

"Literally, it has uplifted me. But I mean a lot of people have said to me, 'Oh, you seem so positive throughout this'. It's not hard to be positive with the support I've gotten," she said.

The money for her chair was raised by faculty and students at Gardner Edgerton High School where she teaches. They even raised enough for two chairs. The Healing Chair now has 17 chairs. When a patient finishes using one, it's picked up and delivered to another patient.

A journal comes with each healing chair, so a woman can share her thoughts after surgery and then pass them on to the chair's next recipient.

"A lot of the patients we've had are now following each other on our Facebook page. And some of the families have connected, so it's been really a cool, magical thing we got going on," said Taitt.

Comfort and caring are helping Gorney and others get back on their feet.

The Healing Chair started in St. Louis. Taitt decided to bring it to Kansas City after seeing a friend from St. Louis benefit.

To find out more about The Healing Chair, go to this link.

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