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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — 16-year-old Abdulwahid Abdulaziz and 14-year-old Abdirahman Abdulaziz were considered rising stars in their religious community. They were killed outside of their Kansas City home on April 30.

Family and friends of the two said they were serious about their faith. FOX4 received a video of their last prayers at the Somali Center of Kansas City.

At the age of 16 Abdulwahid was leading prayers. That’s something his friend told FOX4 was uncommon for kids their age because it takes a lot of time to learn the Quran word by word.

His younger brother, Abdirahman, was following behind his footsteps and learning to lead prayers for the first time this week. Friends said he was practicing for months.

His practice was cut short after he and his brother were shot and killed outside of their home Friday night.

Kansas City Police said it all started with a domestic incident, but family and friends of the brothers said a family member is to blame.

Saturday the suspect, 25-year-old Hanad Abdiaziz was shot to death by a KCPD officer.

Missouri Highway Patrol said KCPD were looking to arrest him for the brother’s murders. Troopers said an officer shot Abidiaziz when he pointed a rifle at them.

Friends of the brothers told us they are happy the family doesn’t have to worry about the killer being out there, but that will never bring the brother’s back or help their pain.

A family friend created a GoFundMe account for the brother’s funeral expenses.