The moments that shaped them: KC mayoral candidates share personal narratives

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — For Quinton Lucas, it was an unexpected friendship with the janitors at the Barstow School where he was a student. For Jolie Justus, it was the time that she organized a grape boycott among her classmates as a preschooler.

As the countdown to election day draws closer, FOX4 is working for you, helping voters get to know Lucas and Justus before Election Day.

This is the second in a series of interviews profiling each of the candidates for mayor in Kansas City.

FOX4 asked each of them to share a personal story from their formative years that sheds light on the people they are today.

Quinton Lucas: “My life story has me living in the east side of Kansas City, living in Hutchinson, Kansas for a few years, which was another interesting wrinkle. But then to go into this kind of suburban school (Barstow).

“And for me, I always have liked regular folks, no matter what you do or anything like that. Those janitors were regular guys. We talked sports, we talked a little bit of life.

“One of them talked to me about his service in Vietnam. I learned so much from those men, and maybe part of it was I’ve never met my father. So talking to men about life, as I was growing up, it’s kind of how I got to know what dudes were all about.”

Jolie Justus: “I was talking to a woman at a child care center here in town, and she asked me if I was the same Jolie Justus who was at the Salvation Army Daycare Center on Truman Road in the early seventies. And I said, ‘Probably, why?’

“And she said, ‘I was your preschool teacher.’ And I said, ‘That’s fantastic. Tell me more.’

“And she said, ‘Well, you were a real pain in my rear end. You actually were participating in the Cesar Chavez grape boycott. And you weren’t letting me serve grapes to the  other preschool students.”

We sat down for extended interviews recently with both candidates.

Hear more personal stories and FOX4’s full interviews with both Justus and Lucas in the videos below.



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