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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Roasterie and Messenger Coffee Co. + Ibis Bakery both have been rolled into a new company that will help open more cafes and use their now-bigger size to leverage more business opportunities.

The company is called FairWave Holdings. It intends to create a nationwide specialty coffee collective, and is looking at other companies across the Midwest as well.

Even though The Roasterie and Messenger now have common ownership, the brands, experiences and coffee are not being merged. They’ll stand alone as brands and continue operating in the same manner.

“The reason why we’re coming together, and believing we’ll be better by coming together, is that the key tenets and principles that drove the success of both companies are common,” FairWave Coffee Collective CEO Dan Trott told the Kansas City Business Journal. “There’s a kindred spirit across the two companies. So they actually don’t have to work hard to fit together at all. But it is a new company being formed.”

The Roasterie founder Danny O’Neill said the new ownership gives him comfort. It also enables him to focus less on the business side of the operation and more on crafting great coffee.

Twenty-five years ago, O’Neill started roasting coffee beans in the basement of his Brookside home. In that moment, the Roasterie was born and the coffee culture in Kansas City was forever changed. Today, the Roasterie has nine locations.