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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Thunderstorms canceled graduation parties and events all across the metro Saturday. But that was not an option for an exciting kick off party at Kansas City’s Union Station.

“When I first saw the weather forecast I was heartbroken,” Events Manager at Kansas City’s Union Station Tammy Ruder said.

Ruder and her team made the call to move the opening party of Reflecting Motion indoors out of the rain.

A tent tunnel with clear sides and large windows splattered with water droplet allowed guest to still admire the sculpture.

“Yeah, it would’ve been great if it was a beautiful evening outside,” Attendee Pamela Alexander said, “but this doesn’t take away from the experience at all.”

The artwork was originally set to dazzle guests underneath the display. Ruder said the different pieces still mirror the star of the show “Reflecting Motion.”

“It’s been really excited to see how creative people can come together and still my vision was out here and now I’ve got to make my vision adapt to this space,” Ruder said.

Entertainers had to adjust their performances, too.

Quixotic Performer Elizabeth White opened the show and said they’ve been working on this performance for the past two years.

“Of course, we want to have that piece around us and be underneath it and having this interplay with it, but it’s all about adapting and being flexible and figuring out how to make things work,” White said.

While these world renowned performers are used to making last minute adjustments, Kansas Citians are used rapid weather changes.

“It could be 50 degrees one day and 80 the next so we just show up and we have a great time anyway,” attendee Erin Gregory said.

Ruder said having to think outside the box and be creative when mother nature threatened their plans – mirrors what artist Patrick Shearn built through Reflecting Motion.

“Everyone came together to still make this awesome party,” Ruder said.

The display will be at Union Station through through Labor Day. It’s free to see on the weekends. During the week, the installment is part of admission to Science City.