Therapy dog shot in the face by intruder inside Overland Park residence finally comes home

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- A therapy dog is recovering at home Monday night, less than a week after a surviving a gunshot wound to the face.

The eight-year-old dog has been greatly missed at Village Saint Joseph, a nursing facility in Overland Park where Meeko met regularly with residents.

On Monday FOX 4’s Shannon O'Brien talked with Meeko's owner about the outpouring of support she's seen since her dog was shot last week.

Meeko’s owner, or really his mom, did not want to be identified because the person who robbed her home and shot her dog is still out there. But she wanted to speak out, mostly to thank everyone who has done so much to help her family.

It has been a rough road for Meeko and his family since the eight-year-old dog was shot in the face during the robbery at his home.

This sweet boy, who serves as a therapy dog at nursing homes, has made what doctors are calling an amazing recovery, and came home Friday.

“To a bunch of neighbors and their dogs on the driveway and he was really excited to see his friends,” she said.

Then Saturday, the family was awakened to the sound of the Blue Valley North marching band outside their home.

“He was in ‘Annie’ at the middle school a couple of years ago, and a kid stayed up all night arranging ‘Tomorrow’ which is a song from ‘Annie’ for Meeko and that just tore me up, you know, it was beautiful,” said the dog’s owner.

People, even strangers, going above and beyond to support this special dog who has become such an important part of the community.

“We have people knock on our door, we find gifts on our doorstep,” she said. “People have tried to pay our vet bills, people have tried to add to the reward fund, I have never seen anything like it in my life. It has been really inspiring. There is a lot more good out there than evil and I think that`s the thing I will take away from this.”

Meeko’s family is hoping he will be able to go visit his friends at the nursing home next week.

There is a $12,000 reward for the person who turns in Meeko’s shooter.

If you know anything, you are asked to call the TIPS Hotline at 474-TIPS.

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