‘There’s so many’: Neighbors concerned after cats appear to be abandoned outside KCK home


Kansas City, Kan. — Neighbors say a homeowner abandoned about a dozen cats in Kansas City, Kansas a month ago.

The cats are left roaming the 25th Street and Ridge Avenue neighborhood for weeks.

“The little kitties are starting to get big. I’ve been trying to help them for about six weeks now, not getting anywhere,” said Kevin Drum who lives near 25th and Ridge Avenue. “They weren’t feral cats, they were abandoned and left.”

Drum said he has been trying to keep the cats from dying, already buried two he believes were poisoned. Other neighbors have helped step up to feed the cats.

“If you could just see some of the looks on their faces when they were flopping and dying, pretty painful,” Drum said. “I just want to see them get a life. I know they have a lot of loving to give to somebody.”

Drum, along with other neighbors say they have written and called city officials, including the mayor, city council members and KCK Animal Control.

While a local trapping company did catch three, the others have been left behind.

“At the animal control, and the humane society, I’ve called, they basically, say they are full. I’ve called every cat rescue place. We don’t have any more room in the neighborhood for them, there’s so many,” Drum said.

FOX4 reached out to KCK Animal Control and KCKPD.

The Kansas City, Kansas Police Department says after we brought this to their attention, they are looking into the matter.



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