KANSAS CITY, Kan. — It appears Kansas residents have a unique taste in pie this Thanksgiving.

You wouldn’t be surprised to find a pumpkin, apple or pecan pie on the table at your family Thanksgiving. Those are some of the typical favorites.

But you might be surprised to find a Frito chili pie served up.

According to Google Trends, that’s the recent pie of choice for Kansas residents, based off uniquely searched pies in the past 30 days.

Many of Kansas’ neighbors, though, are taking a different approach and searching for fruit-based pies.

In Missouri, it’s the apple pie that’s been seeing strong search results, and Colorado and Oklahoma are searching for cherry pie. Nebraskans want a banana cream pie, according to Google Trends.

A few other states had unique pie searches leading up to Thanksgiving, including Oregon’s tamale pie, Pennsylvania’s shoofly pie, and Washington D.C.’s banoffee pie.

While apple pie was the most popular among states, others have been searching for delicious desserts like peanut butter pie, key lime pie and sweet potato pie.