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RAYTOWN, Mo. — A metro man says a thief dragged a heavy package off his porch, but she had no clue just how meaningful those 66 pounds were to its recipient.

“It just looks like furniture or something,” Matt Elwonger said.

But that beaten-up brown box had something important inside: a new treadmill to keep Elwonger’s dad active as he battles cancer.

The thief, caught on home security camera, stole the package off his porch. The woman ran up in a blue hoodie and dark pants, wearing only socks on her feet.

“When I watched her carry it out, I thought, ‘How heavy can that be?’ So I looked it up. The shipping weight on Amazon is 66 pounds,” Elwonger said.

He believes that might have been why she dumped it, or she just didn’t have any interest in a treadmill.

“She opened it, and it wasn’t what she wanted so she just threw it out in the street,” he said.

Elwonger quickly posted the video online, and it got a lot of play.

“It hasn’t even been online for 24 hours, and it’s been shared like 33,000 times,” he said.

The treadmill is for Elwonger’s dad. He’s going through chemo for bladder cancer, and his doctor told him to keep moving.

“I worked really hard to get that for my dad,” Elwonger said. “My brother even — a joint present from me and my brother. We all worked really hard to get it.”

Dozens of people reached out to donate gym equipment of their own, and many told Elwonger they couldn’t believe how brazen the woman was.

“The camera is not well-hidden at all,” he said. “It’s right in plain sight, and she didn’t care at all. She just came right up and took it.”

Despite the rips and tears, the box is thankfully where it’s supposed to be.

Someone saw the box in the street, recognized it from Elwonger’s online video, delivered it to the FedEx on Hickman Mills, then messaged him that she’d dropped it off there.

Elwonger picked it up Wednesday night, assembled the treadmill and everything is working. He said he’s glad to be able to give it to his dad for Christmas, and he appreciates everyone’s offers to help.

He filed a report with police, but no word yet on the woman’s identity.