Thieves steal Boy Scout trailer and gear worth thousands of dollars from south KC church

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A local Boy Scout troop is frustrated after they noticed someone snatched their trailer parked at Martin City Baptist Church overnight.

The red box trailer is filled with the scouts camping supplies. But when they arrived at the church Thursday morning, they noticed the trailer and everything inside were gone.

“Everything was in there. All our tents, our camping equipment, cooking equipment, everything,” Troop 531 Committee Chairman Keith Shelton said.

The stolen trailer and all the gear inside were worth thousands of dollars, according to the troop leader. It was all earned through tireless fundraising efforts.

It’s a major blow to scouts preparing to camp out next week.

“Being a Boy Scout you’re always told to look at the bright side because we can get a new trailer — but it’s still upsetting. This trailer has been with our troop for almost 20 years,” Braden Shelton said.

Shelton said it could take years for them to afford to buy back everything they had collected.

For now, they’re keeping to their scout motto of being prepared, and keeping hope alive the trailer will turn-up soon.

“We are a small troop. Our boys work really hard to earn their money to pay for their equipment so they can can be in this program and have the experience we try to give them,” Shelton said. “It’s a horrible act of crime when you are taking from groups like this working hard to better society.”

Troop members are asking for everyone to keep an eye out for this missing trailer. If you know anything, you are asked to contact Kansas City police.



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