Thieves steal metro woman’s car as she grieves at KCK cemetery

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — It`s a place most people come to mourn, reflect and pay respect to loved ones. But this week Maple Hill Cemetery became the scene of a crime.

“Tuesday at around 2 o’clock, I was at Maple Hill funeral home and I came back outside after a funeral and my car was not there,” Kimberly Frazee said.

During a short service for her friend’s grandpa, which lasted less than an hour, someone came through, checked cars and took off with Frazee’s 2003 black Ford Explorer.

“I had my kids car seats, my purse, my wallet, socials, my ID. Everything was in there,” she said.

And apparently, she wasn’t the only target.

“There was another car who came back from the grave site stating that his car was rummaged through,” Frazee said.

“Another one of her friends car was gone through and their work radio was taken,” she said.

Now, this metro mom is without a valuable lifeline both her and her children depend on.

“That`s how I get my kids back and forth to the doctor or places I need to go, to the store, to ball practice,” Frazee said.

And her sense of security, even in the most unlikely places, is now gone.

“That`s kind of a sick place to do it. You`re already having a bad day, you`re at a funeral and then to come out and see something you worked hard for is missing. It`s my only means of transportation,” Frazee said.

If you see a car matching this description, call KCK police at 913-573-6000.



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