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GRANDVIEW, Mo. — Four men walked right into a local CVS in broad daylight and stole prescription drugs on Easter Sunday.

Police learned the men targeted not just one, but a total of four stores in what police have described as a coordinated effort. Now the question is if federal authorities will get involved.

In the video above, the men walk in, one of them stays at the front of the store as a lookout and the other three head straight to the pharmacy.

“Somehow they were able to get in the locked door immediately, went to where the promethazine and codeine were stored, filled up backpacks and their arms and quickly left,” Grandview Police Capt. Ryan Sharp said.

The coordinated operation at the Grandview CVS location happened in under a minute.

“We’re not sure if they had a master key. They may have gotten them in or somehow was able to get in through the locked door,” Sharp said.

The suspects also hit locations in Mission and Leawood, Kansas; and Kansas City, Missouri. CVS told FOX4 no employees at any of the four locations targeted were hurt during the incidents.

“We’re reaching out with the other agencies that have let us know that these things have happened, trying to link up to see what evidence they have verse what we have,” Sharp said.

FOX4 reached out to the Drug Enforcement Agency, which said this is a case they would typically investigate. But the DEA said it could neither confirm or deny if the agency is looking into the matter.

The car used in the alleged crime was a silver/gray Chevy Trailblazer. If you know anything you’re asked to reach out to the police or call the TIPS Hotline at 816-474-8477.

Officials have a strong warning if you encounter any of these men.

“Don’t fight with them. Just cooperate. It’s not worth anyone losing their life over, fighting over medications,” Sharp said.