Third stranger danger incident in a week frightens Warrensburg parents

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WARRENSBURG, Mo. — Parents are on edge in Warrensburg after hearing that a stranger approached a young girl walking alone for the third time this week. Police believe the same man whose vehicle has been caught on camera, is approaching the children.

“I didn’t know about the third one, so that’s really scary,” mom Jackie Hunnicutt said.

Hunnicutt was at a local playground with her three kids, looking over her shoulder on Friday.

“It’s just creepy, like just scary. Even while we’re at the park I’m constantly looking,” she said.

Police say on Sunday the stranger was in his car when he approached a 10-year-old girl as she walked along East Gay Street near Warrensburg Middle School. Cops say the man asked the child several questions, and then watched her walk inside her home.

Investigators believe on Tuesday that the same man tried to get an elementary and a middle school-aged girl to approach his vehicle as they walked down Anderson Street.

Surveillance of Ford Taurus that Warrensburg police seek in connection with 3 stranger danger incidents.
Surveillance of Ford Taurus that Warrensburg police seek in connection with 3 stranger danger incidents.

Also on Tuesday, police say a man matching the same description, driving the same maroon Ford Taurus started talking to a middle-schooler and twice approached the girl and tried to get her to come to his car. Fortunately, police say in all three incidents that the children ignored the stranger, never went to his car and made it home safely.

The suspect is a white man with a moustache and short brown hair. Cops say he may be in his late 20’s or early 30’s. Police also say during one of the stranger scares, surveillance cameras caught the man and his car on camera.

“Oh my gosh, I’m terrified right now for my grandkids,” Melissa Cooper told FOX 4.

More police officers will be patrolling the areas where the stranger has been spotted until cops can finally catch him. If you have information that will help make an arrest, call police (660) 747-9133. If you recognize the Taurus or driver, call central dispatch at (660) 747-2265.



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