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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — One Kansas City neighborhood is saying six to nine months is enough time to wait to get their potholes filled.

However, they aren’t the only neighborhood in the city feeling this way and are hoping their incoming mayor will be able to get the job done.

Over the past few months, city roads have seen a lot of construction throughout the city. Many of those projects are to fill potholes while the weather is nice. However, for some people the headache just keeps growing.

People in the Fairway Hills neighborhood in east Kansas City said — for the love of potholes — please fill theirs in.

Mark Corcoran has lived in the neighborhood for 30 years and said it’s never been this bad.

“This is really the first season that we’ve had a pothole problem, and we’ve been calling since the spring to let the city know that there was a problem,”  he said.

Corcoran said his wife has already called 311 to get the potholes plugged. But instead of getting a response, the holes continue to multiply — and so does the damage.

“It sounds like the tires have come off,”  Corcoran said. “It sounds like they’re going to have a flat tire. Obviously, there’s a wheel cover here, so somebody’s already lost a hubcap. Most of the time they stop to make sure their car is still running, pick up their hubcap and drive on.”

“Almost impossible,” neighbor Deborah Barnard said. “Especially when they go so fast up and down this road, you don’t really know if the person is going to get over or not get over. We were thinking about going and filling the potholes ourselves just to be safe.”

Since they can’t get them filled, Corcoran said a pizza delivery driver is pointing them out.

“He drives down the street so much, sometimes in the dark, so he wanted to see them, and he’s the one that spray painted them,” Corcoran said.

With the outlines it makes it clear one is a little more lovely than the others. It’s in the shape of a heart.

“When that was painted, I saw that and I thought, ‘I don’t love potholes though.’ Even though it is the shape of the heart, we would like to see it filled,” Corcoran said.

The neighborhood hopes incoming Mayor Quinton Lucas will keep good on his promise of making potholes a priority.

“Fulfill your promises, and make sure that Kansas City’s potholes are fixed,” Corcorhan said. “Not just mine, but other neighborhoods as well.”

Lucas responded to FOX4, saying he plans to get these potholes fixed when he’s in office if they aren’t already before. Lucas said he spent Monday in St. Louis with their mayor where one of the large topics of discussion was infrastructure and how to improve it.

The City of Kansas City was not available to comment.