This might just be the greatest political ad of 2016

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February 07 2021 05:30 pm
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If your brain doesn’t physically ache at the thought of watching yet another political ad, we urge you to watch one more. This one is worth it.

The message is not powerful or inspiring. It isn’t slinging mud or revealing a massive truth bombshell about an opponent. In fact, the candidate’s opponent isn’t even mentioned.

The ad is to re-elect Republican Gerald Daugherty for commissioner in Travis County, Texas, and it plays as one exhausted wife’s plea to “Please re-elect Gerald.”

This ad is so clever and light-hearted, it just goes to show you can win over voters without sinking to ugly attack ads.

As Gerald drones on and on about policies and government budgets to friends and family, his wife Charlyn pleads, “Please re-elect Gerald. Please.”

So enjoy this light-hearted break from the embattled political season, folks. And if you’re a Texas voter in Travis County, when you’re at the polls, think about Charlyn.



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