Thousands make their way to downtown airport for Kansas City Airshow

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Thousands of spectators young and old watched the aerobatic performances as airplanes ripped through the sky over the downtown airport, Saturday.

The Kansas City Airshow bringing together all kinds of planes, and people who love them.

‘We came down from Topeka to see the airshow,”John Campos said, who is an avid airshow attendee.

This is the first time the U.S. Navy Blue Angels are returning in four years, and the headliners of the show.

But not all the action happens in the sky.

“I’ve been doing airshows for 51 years. I started in 1968,” Doug Goss said, coming from Topeka.

Goss’s C1A Trader named ‘Miss Bell’ is an  aircraft he purchased and refurbished 25 years ago.

An unsung hero of the United States Navy, that operated from 1958 to 1988 before being retired. It is also noted as being a part of some of the most notable moments in American history.

“This is the only one flying right now, and is air-worthy. There are several in museums, and for whatever reasons, they don’t fly them. There are some owned by individuals, and they don’t fly them, so this is the only one airworthy. A very rare aircraft,” Goss said.

Experiences like the airshow is what sparked a love for flying in many pilots, and something many hope to pass down to the generations to come.

“It’s really fun. The technology today, is making me really interested to see how they work,” said Jacob Thomas who came with his parents from Oklahoma to see the show.

The airshow, organized by the Non-profit, KC Air Show Charities Inc. promotes S.T.E.M education in Kansas City youth. All the funds and ticket sales go directly back to the cause.

Organizers and pilots hoping one day the children watching, will be the pilots in charge.

“We try to encourage them, follow your dreams and never give up. Everybody can do it, if you just stick to your goal,” Goss said.

The airshow continues Sunday with gates opening at 9 a.m.



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