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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Did you know The Royals’ Jeremy Guthrie is an Eagle Scout? Sunday was the 6th annual Scout Day at the K for the Royals game against the Oakland A’s.

Over 14,500 Scouts and their families got discounted tickets to watch the game and go on the field. And, FOX 4’s own John Holt was honored with a special Scout Award.

Scout Day at “The K” is one of the biggest scouting events in the country. Scout Leader Susannah Smith said she hoped her Scouts could take away some lessons from the field.

“Especially with the Kansas City Royals because if you look at them they have so much fun and they are very loyal to one another and they’re always there even when they’re not having good days,” said Smith. “You can see them trying to encourage one another and we’d really like to see that in our scouts as well,” said Smith.

Before the game FOX 4’s very own Eagle Scout John Holt got a special honor. He was recognized with the 2015 Ewing M. Kauffman Distinguished Eagle Scout Award.

Mr. Kauffman was an Eagle Scout in Kansas City.