Thousands of public servants, volunteers working security to keep Super Bowl LIV safe

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MIAMI — The largest sporting event of the year is now just four days away, and security surrounding Miami is a big topic.

Florida and federal law enforcement agencies have been planning for more than a year. Officials said in a news conference that they are well prepared for any type of potential threat.

“This is not just physical security, gates, guards and guns. This is 360-degree security here,” the Chief Security Officer for the NFL,Cathy Laniere, said. “We have security on the water, security in the air, we have security on the ground.”

Airspace around Hard Rock Stadium and throughout Miami will become increasingly restricted, including drones. Fans required to carry clear bags into the big game, and every entrance is equipped with scanners.

The NFL, the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI and local law enforcement said they are all confident in their collective plan.

“We have nearly 1500 officers deployed on foot, on bicycles, on motors, on horsebacks, on boats and in the air,” Miami Chief of Police Jorge Colina said. “In addition to that, we have thousands of volunteers that are out there, helping us, serving as ambassadors.”

“Here we are now, first and 10 at the goal line, ready to score and ready to win,” the director for the Miami-Dade police, Alfredo Ramirez, said. “Winning for us is to provide a safe and happy super bowl environment.”



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