Thousands of vacationers disappointed by government shutdown

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Families who have scrimped and saved all year long to go on vacation in October are not faced with the reality that some of their travel destinations are closed. They can’t get into the Smithsonian. They can’t get in to Yellowstone. But at least they can still fly.

The partial government shutdown means 401 National Park Service sites are closed, which includes all national museums.  With an average of 715,000 people visiting these sites each and every day in October, that’s a lot of disappointed tourists.

But at least their flights will not be cancelled.

Air traffic controllers and TSA must continue to report for work, even though they are not being paid right now because their jobs are deemed essential.

Immigration authorities are still working, so if you’re traveling overseas, you’ll still go through customs.

And as far as passports go, you can still get them since the post offices are still open and they are funded by other sources.

It’s just the closing of the parks that’s disappointed many.

Republicans are calling for Congress to fund parks so things like the World War II Memorial can remain open for veterans flying in to see it, but as of right now, they will remain closed.



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